Author Bio


I have always been an avid reader and I wrote stories, poems and journal entries in my spare time. But I never thought being an author was a career choice I could make. So I did what all responsible young adult did after university, looked for a real job.

But when i became a mother i naturally passed on my passion for books to my children and began to read to them at a very early age. But as they got older it became harder and harder to find books that contain both our spiritual beliefs as well as our rich laced heritage. I could either find book with African children as main characters or books with Islamic teachings but rarely did I find a book with both.

Then one day I thought well if I cant find an option I will have to create a solution. 

And with that single thought I reignited in me a dream that was buried so deep I had almost lost sight of it. But it turns out my dream was hidden but not lost, dormant but not forgotten. It waited patiently to be dust off and believed in for it to blossom.

Join me in my journey to in rediscovery while proving that dreams are never too old or dusty to be chased.

My first picture book: "Muhiima's Quest is available now.